Mission & Strategy

“Financially empower one billion people around the world” 

Our overall mission is to be a global community bank that provides the infrastructure to empower at least one billion people around the world.  However we understand we need to be successful in stages and as a small startup we are focused on shorter term objectives so we can work toward our ultimate vision.  

The initial reason many people are attracted to crypto and Bitcoin is the opportunity for them to become financially independent or at least significantly increase their wealth.  We may in fact be in the midst of the biggest wealth transfer in our generation. Our first objective is to help educate people around the world about Bitcoin as a store of value and crypto as the infrastructure for our financial future.  

Our growth strategy begins with high quality crypto education.  Unfortunately with great opportunities there is an equal amount of bad information, bad projects and noise.   We want to help people separate the wheat from the chaff.   We’ll hold weekly online webinar series and series of videos to help as many as we can. All our services will be free, but we’ll also have premium services to offer. We also want to build simple tools to make it convenient for people to trade and purchase cryptocurrencies.  Our 100x Trade app does exactly that. 

We are a blockchain-agnostic company.  We feel that the EOS platform is currently the most practical blockchain to build our virtual organization and for our application development.  EOS technology also allows us to build applications that are easy to use for the everyday consumer.  We will also build on other eosio blockchains and expand to other blockchain platforms in the future.  Like Tether, we plan to have our stablecoin on multiple blockchain platforms.  In the future we plan to develop our own blockchain and will distribute all base-layer tokens to the general population as a universal-basic income to create as fair a distribution as possible. However we plan to implement our own blockchain when the technology is more mature. 

As we execute our plan, we will be guided by results and measure our success on the following key performance metrics:  

  • 100x Crypto education: Monthly Active Users
  • 100x Trade app: Trade volume
  • 100x Trade app (OTC): OTC Trade volume

Our Values


We believe that truth is what we should all strive for.  No matter how difficult the truth is and no matter how trivial it may seem, telling the truth should be a habit.   In crypto there is too much misinformation as well as outright lies and disinformation. The purpose of the lies is usually for someone’s personal financial gain.  We hold integrity and reputation to be paramount. We expect the truth from all our partners and believe it will be the key to our success.


We want to be an open book and share everything going on with our business.  Our financials will be open, auditable and all on a blockchain. Our discussions and actions will be public.  We want to operate as a fully transparent company.


We believe that we are unique individuals and have equal rights among us.  No individual or group should have any authority over you. While some government policies and regulation are based on good intentions, many government policies are unjust and laws and regulations are put in place to control you.   You should have the right to exchange crypto and do business freely with whomever you choose.  


We want everyone to be treated equally and fairly.  If someone has been wronged we want to make it right.  If we make a mistake that leads to your loss, we want to make you whole.  Crypto is the wild west and there are a lot of thieves, hackers, and scammers taking advantage of others.   We’ll work to build judicial and bonding systems that minimize and deter bad actors, but in the meantime our best defense is to focus on shared values, integrity, reputation and positive reinforcement. 


We want to foster a collaborative environment.  We may go faster as individuals, but will go a lot further as a team.  Our partnership is more of a membership to a community. No matter how small it seems your contributions are you can make the difference.   We are inclusive and want you to join our efforts to change our financial futures together.   

A Virtual Organization (aka DAO/DAC)

The bitcashDAC is formed as a virtual partnership organization.  We have a unique implementation of a decentralized autonomous company or organization (DAC/DAO).  All partner members are expected to be active participants of the business. The basic activities expected for each member is to vote on business operations and to promote the platform.

To run a successful organization, we need specialists in all areas of business administration, sales & marketing, product & software development and infrastructure.  Hence our DAC is composed of partners as individuals or other organizations that provide these services.  

Here are some of the types of partners in our DAC:

Regional community growth partners

We are looking for key opinion leaders in different countries to grow the number of platform users.  

Capital partners

We are looking for those who will be active partners that can provide capital to fund our operations.  Our initial fundraising goal is $150k beginning in Q2.  

Product & software development partners

We are a product & technology company. We are looking for full-stack javascript and C++ smart contract developers as well as product managers and UI/UX designers. 

Infrastructure partners

Smart contracts and blockchain infrastructure need a formal process for upgrades and security using multisig permissions.   We want to have more infrastructure & multisig partners as we grow.  

Partnership Tokens

bitcashDAC tokens represent equity interest in the business partnership.  The capital contributions from all members plus all retained earnings will be held in a smart contract pool and be used to grow the business.  We plan to have occasional capital raises with new partners as we progress over time. Our first fundraising goal is $150k at a $1.5 million valuation.  The goal for our next fundraising effort will likely be $10 million or above. Please be aware there will be token issuance to partners that contribute their resources and talent to making this business successful.  Hence there will be a gradual dilutive effect as we expand. The goal is for partner contributions to create far more value than the dilutive effects of token issuance.  [Note: For more background on the legality of our funding process please read this]

You can earn partner interest in bitcashDAC tokens for your contributions.  If you are interested please reach out to us. We are always looking for new partners to join us in our journey to financially empower the world.

Current key partners

Jun Dam, MBA - Finance Architect & Business Dev

Jun is the Founding Partner of the bitcashDAC and created the tokenomic design of the DAC organization as well as the financial architecture of the stablecoin system.  He has nearly a decade of experience in the financial services industry. He also has an MBA and holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley.  

Max Gravitt - Blockchain Architect & Smart Contract Dev

Max is the Founder and Lead Developer at Digital Scarcity, a full stack blockchain development organization specializing in EOSIO platforms. He has developed a variety of Dapps that are currently in production on both Ethereum and EOS. Max’s area of work focuses mostly on token economics, decentralized autonomous organizations, and usability.

Gabo Esquivel - Frontend Architect & Fullstack Dev​

Gabo is Cofounder of BlockchainCR, a community hub for knowledge sharing, promoting and studying blockchain technologies and decentralized applications.  In 2018 he joined EOS Costa Rica as a technical lead.  Today Gabo is leading the effort to create Dreamstack, a fullstack solution that makes blockchain app development easy. He’s passionate about languages and cultures and enjoys working in multicultural and diverse teams. His spoken languages are English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.