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Building A Global Community Banking System
Global Community
Our vision is to create a decentralized community banking system focused first on the developing world. There are billions of underbanked in South America, Asia, and Africa who are already connected to the Internet and who have mobile phones. There are many who struggle to put food on the table like those in Venezuela and others are experiencing currency instability like those in Argentina and Nigeria. Many are looking at cryptocurrencies as an alternative money and there is a far higher adoption rate in developing nations than those in the developed world. Most of those in developing nations just lack opportunities to contribute and earn an adequate income to improve their daily lives. We want to find an easy and secure onramp for anyone with access to the internet a way to not only participate, but thrive in the new global economy. We want to bring decentralized finance (DeFi) to the entire world.

We’re building bitcash as a virtual company (aka DAC – decentralized autonomous company) that enables software-based governance and that rewards users who invest and contribute to the company and earn tokenized stake. Furthermore we give back to the community users who stake crypto (eg. EOS/Telos) on our system so they can earn rewards based on the transactional activity and value they generate for our platform.
Mission & Strategy
Our overall mission is to be a global community bank that provides the infrastructure to empower at least one billion people around the world. Our growth strategy begins with high quality crypto education. Unfortunately with great opportunities there is an equal amount of bad information, bad projects and noise. We want to help people separate the wheat from the chaff. We’ll hold weekly online webinar series and series of videos to help as many as we can. All our services will be free, but we’ll also have premium services to offer. We also want to build simple tools to make it convenient for people to trade and purchase cryptocurrencies. Our 100x Trade app does exactly that. We will be guided by results and measure our success on the following key performance metrics:
  • 100x Crypto education: Monthly Active Users (MAU)
  • 100x Trade app: Trade volume
  • 100x Trade app (OTC): OTC Trade volume
Make. Crypto. Easy.
It takes great focus and thought to build simple things so we’ll strive for minimalist and intuitive designs. We want a user experience that will be convenient and easy for regular people, not just those who are tech-savvy, so we want all our products to reflect our philosophy.
A Virtual Partnership Company (DAC)
The bitcashDAC is formed as a virtual partnership company. We have a unique implementation of a decentralized autonomous company (DAC). All partner members are expected to be active participants of the business. The basic activities expected for each member is to vote on business operations and to promote the platform.

To run a successful organization, we need specialists in all areas of business administration, sales & marketing, product & software development and infrastructure. Hence the bitcashDAC is composed of partners as individuals or other organizations that provide these services.
Types of Partners
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Regional Community Growth Partners
We are looking for key opinion leaders in different countries to grow the number of platform users.
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Capital Partners
We are looking for those who will be active partners that can provide capital to fund our operations. Our initial fundraising goal is $150k beginning in Q3.
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Product & software development partners
We are a product & technology company. We are looking for full-stack javascript and C++ smart contract developers as well as product managers and UI/UX designers.
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Infrastructure partners
Smart contracts and blockchain infrastructure need a formal process for upgrades and security using multisig permissions. We plan to have more infrastructure & multisig partners as we grow.
bitcashDAC tokens represent equity interest in the business partnership. The capital contributions from all members plus all retained earnings will be held in a smart contract pool and be used to grow the business.

You can earn partner interest in bitcashDAC tokens for your contributions. If you are interested please reach out to us. We are always looking for new partners to join us in our journey to financially empower the world.
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