Masterbots: Elevating AI Beyond ChatGPT with Social Sharing and User-Friendly Innovation

The blog introduces Masterbots, a platform revolutionizing AI interaction with user-friendly, domain-specific chatbots and a unique social sharing feature, inviting collaborators to join its open-source, community-driven development.

Jun DamJun 22, 2024 3 min read


Today, we're thrilled to launch the alpha version of Masterbots, inviting individuals to explore and provide feedback. But what is Masterbots, exactly?

Masterbots is a platform featuring a multitude of domain-specific chatbots, neatly organized into categories. These chatbots are equipped with comprehensive system instructions from the start, minimizing the need for users to become expert prompt engineers. The categorization further streamlines interaction, as there's no need to repeatedly specify the domain of expertise.

Our primary objective is to simplify the AI experience for everyday users. While most can obtain decent responses, few are willing to exert the effort required to craft a refined prompt or optimize it for state-of-the-art replies. Consequently, many miss out on the exceptional experiences enjoyed by AI power users. Our aim is to refine our chatbots to deliver the highest quality and most relevant answers, sparing our users the time and effort.

A distinctive feature of our platform is the public sharing of conversations by default, introducing a social component. Many engaging dialogues with AI, worthy of being shared as a public resource, occur daily. Beyond its benefits for research and evaluation, this feature cultivates a social network-like atmosphere, where users can follow others who pose intriguing questions or interact with domain-specific bots that provide insightful answers. Additionally, this approach enhances platform efficiency by allowing users to search for existing answers, thereby conserving computational resources for model training.

Furthermore, we've designed our chatbots to offer unique insights, keeping conversations engaging and enhancing user experience (UX).

Additional Enhancements:

  • We've improved UX by enabling users to click on chatbot responses to delve deeper into topics without continuously typing prompts. This click-to-navigate functionality mimics web browsing, making interactions smoother and more intuitive.

  • Users can now perform keyword searches within their conversation history, a feature still absent in ChatGPT.

  • Our Blank Bot allows users to craft custom prompts, and we plan to collaborate with domain experts to potentially monetize custom bots, akin to OpenAI's model.


Looking Ahead

Our focus is on enhancing the prompting UX, leveraging various standard techniques (e.g., few-shot learning, Chain-of-Thought, Tree-of-Thought) and integrating tools like DSPy where appropriate. We aim to introduce a user-friendly prompting tool with features like autocomplete, auto-correct, and prompt suggestions.

We're also excited about leveraging Claude3 Haiku for its cost-effective performance. If optimized to match GPT-4 levels at a lower cost than GPT-3.5, it could offer tremendous value. While we plan to open source our software, our business priority remains delivering the highest quality at the lowest cost.

Monetization will be a focus, with options ranging from ad revenue to a pro version tailored to professional tasks, likely priced at $9.99 per month. We also envision developing language- and potentially country-specific versions of our platform to better serve global users.


Future updates will include the option for users to keep certain conversations private, though we encourage open sharing to the extent possible.

Competitive Advantage in Open Source:

Our team, also working on bitlauncher (powered by bitcash), is creating a launchpad to assist AI startups in fundraising from non-US investors via Web3. This dual focus on efficient fundraising and organizational tools positions us uniquely in the market. We believe that building a community, fostering a collaborative culture, and adhering to proper tokenomics will establish Masterbots as a leading open-source AI brand.


Join Us

We're seeking domain experts and developers to join our mission, offering a range of opportunities for collaboration based on your skills and interests. Contributions may be rewarded with platform credits or future utility tokens, providing access and voting rights.

By building Masterbots in public, we aim to cultivate an open and collaborative culture, propelling this project to become a major household name. If you're interested in contributing, we'd love to hear from you. Please email:

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