Strategic Roadmap: Pioneering Blockchain Innovation and AI Startup Success

Outlining bitLauncher's phased plan for groundbreaking technology deployment, community-driven growth, and the development of the equitable Antelope chain, to revolutionize the AI and cryptocurrency landscapes.

Jun DamMar 15, 2024 2 min read



Our roadmap is a comprehensive guide outlining the strategic deployment of resources and the phased development of bitLauncher. This document details our ambitious plans to revolutionize the AI and cryptocurrency ecosystems through innovative technology, community engagement, and continuous improvement. The roadmap reflects our dedication to creating a sustainable and forward-thinking platform that addresses the needs of startups while pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology.

Q2 - Q3: Launch and Initial Development


  • Platform Beta Launch: Introduction of bitLauncher's beta version, featuring the integration of the bitcash cryptocurrency webauthn payment wallet and integration with RainbowKit for seamless Ethereum wallet connectivity.

  • Gnosis Auction and EOS EVM Integration: Official launch of the Gnosis Auction-based bidding system on the EOS EVM, complete with a redesigned frontend UI for an enhanced user experience.

  • Comprehensive Security Audits: Execution of thorough penetration testing across all platform components to ensure top-notch security and reliability.


  • Fundraising Token Launch: Raise $350k for bitcash as first project on bitLauncher

  • Community Engagement Initiatives: Establishment of forums and communication channels for early adopters and community feedback.

  • Launch of Development Initiatives: Initiate comprehensive development efforts focusing on enhancing our launchpad, wallet, and DAO tooling. This phase emphasizes the refinement of our existing infrastructure to cater to the dynamic needs of AI startups.

  • Marketing Campaign Kick-off: Roll out targeted marketing campaigns aimed at engaging our core audiences and expanding our community. These efforts will include partnerships, community engagement initiatives, and digital marketing strategies to bolster our platform's visibility and user base.

  • Initiation of the Antelope Chain Development: Commencement of groundwork for the non-profit, no-premine L1 Antelope chain, aiming to set new standards for fairness and innovation in blockchain technology.

  • dBoard Launch: Release of dBoard, a comprehensive DAO decision-making and community management tool, to foster collaboration and strategic alignment within the ecosystem.

  • WebAuthn and Account Recovery Improvements: Implementation of improved recovery solution that complements passwordless webauthn system to simplify and secure user access, enhancing the overall Web3 experience.

Q4: Expansion and Innovation


  • Marketing and Community Building: Aggressive marketing campaigns and community building efforts to attract a broader audience and increase platform adoption.

  • bitLauncher Platform Enhancements: Iterative improvements to the platform's UI/UX based on user feedback, focusing on simplifying cryptocurrency transactions and enhancing the overall user experience.

  • Expansion of Infrastructure Solutions: Introduction of new tools and services designed to support the growth and success of AI startups on the bitLauncher platform.

  • Launch of the Antelope Chain: Official release of the Antelope L1 chain, featuring a modern Hot-stuff consensus mechanism and a unique token distribution model aimed at maximizing fairness and inclusivity.

  • Minimalist Cryptocurrency Payment Wallet Launch: Introduce a minimalist cryptocurrency payment wallet with forex capabilities, simplifying transactions for AI startups and everyday non-crypto users.

Q4 and Beyond: Sustaining Growth and Fostering Innovation

  • Continuous Platform Improvement: Ongoing development efforts to refine and enhance the platform's features and services, based on community feedback and technological advancements.

  • Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations: Establishment of partnerships with key industry players to expand the ecosystem and offer additional value to our users.

  • Global Outreach and Adoption: Initiatives aimed at promoting global adoption of the Antelope chain and bitLauncher platform, including multilingual support and localization efforts.

  • Research and Development: Investment in research and development to explore new technologies and methodologies that can further advance the blockchain and AI sectors.


The roadmap for bitLauncher is not just a plan for growth and development; it's a blueprint for a revolutionary approach to blockchain technology and AI startup support. Through our focused efforts on development, security, community engagement, and innovation, we are poised to create a more open, equitable, and innovative future for all participants in the blockchain ecosystem. Our commitment to the continuous improvement of our launchpad, wallet, and DAO tooling, coupled with the ambitious development of the Antelope chain, underscores our dedication to redefining the landscape and setting new standards in the blockchain space.

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