What is Bitcash?

It’s your starting point into the world of crypto!  Bitcash is a crypto-token that has roughly the same value as US dollars.  Once you exchange your US dollars for bitcash, you can spend it just like US dollars or exchange it for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  It’s even better than US dollars because no bank or government can limit or freeze your bitcash. You have ultimate control of your money and all the value is stored on your computer!

How is Bitcash created? 

Bitcash is created using a novel collateralized stablecoin system that empowers users who deposit the EOS cryptocurrency in our community platform.  When users deposit EOS, our system can automatically generate bitcash crypto-tokens that are US dollar loans against the value of EOS on deposit. In the future 80% of revenue proceeds from exchange, payment, investment & lending services will reward EOS depositors. Our first application allows you one of the easiest ways to exchange your dollars for bitcash and also securely trade in and out of EOS with leverage.  You can also easily trade into Bitcoin and other crypto currencies with our partner wallet applications like TokenPocket.

What Makes Bitcash Different?

  • Fixed peg & redemption based on price feed VS. soft peg with MakerDAO and others

  • Pooled collateral and auto-generated stablecoins VS. user specified and manually generated

  • In the future users who stake collateral will earn 80% of trading, lending, payment income generated from DAC

What Makes Bitcash So Useful?

  • You can trade US dollars for bitcash 1:1 without dealing with fluctuating crypto prices.

  • You can spend bitcash as a credit line for goods & services.

  • When you send bitcash as a loan instead of selling EOS so you do not need to pay capital gains tax.

  • If you have a business with upcoming expenses you can use a stable currency as cash reserves.

  • If you think EOS prices are too high you can temporarily hedge your positions or even short EOS

  • If you are bullish on EOS, you can borrow bitcash to leverage your investment up to 3x.

  • You can trade back and forth between EOS and bitcash to accumulate more value in the long run.

  • Earn multiple forms of income from staking EOS (eg. DAC trading fees, REX, vote rebates)

How Do I Get Started?

It’s easy.  Our first application called 100x allows you to buy bitcash & also trade between EOS and bitcash.  All you have to do is click below to get started on our 100x beta app and deposit EOS. Our beta app will be launching soon!