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bitcashUSD is a digital token that has roughly the same value as US dollars. Once you exchange your US dollars for bitcashUSD, you can exchange bitcashUSD for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It’s even better than US dollars because no bank or government can limit or freeze your bitcashUSD. You have ultimate control of your money and all the value is stored on your phone or computer!
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How Do I Get Started?
100x Trade - Trading Made Secure & Simple
It’s easy. Our first application called 100x Trade powered by bitcashBank allows you to exchange US dollars with others for bitcashUSD. You can then trade bitcashUSD for Bitcoin, Ethereum or EOS. Click below to sign up to our waitlist to get an invite code to our 100x Trade beta app. We will be launching soon!

How it works
Money as a unit of account
Creating money from illiquid assets makes sense. It adds more monetary liquidity to the economy.
Simple Crypto-Collateralized stablecoins
Traditional banks create US dollars out of thin air backed by real estate. We propose a similar yet simpler design to create stablecoins from crypto collateral instead of real estate.
Simple Exchange + Margin Trading
We’ll create a simple exchange market without an order book where users can easily buy & sell bitcashUSD for EOS, BTC, ETH.
Fixed Peg & Pooled Deposit
By relying on a price feed we can create a stronger peg that doesn’t require governance or interest rate manipulation. We also pool crypto deposits together to simplify trading, lending, and stablecoin creation mechanics that all happen in the background.
Oracle – price feed
We start with an internally operated price feed that provides pricing every 5 or 10 seconds for redemption and trading. The price feed frequency provides our community with relatively recent exchange pricing for trading and to establish the peg.
Stablecoin Tokenomics
20% of the revenue will be distributed to bitcashOrg, our network organization DAO, to grow and fund new features and applications. Users who stake collateral will earn 80% of trading, lending, payment income generated from bitcashOrg.
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Why bitcashUSD
You can spend bitcashUSD as a credit line to buy more crypto or buy goods & services.
If you are bullish on crypto, you can borrow bitcashUSD to leverage your investment up to 20x.
If you think crypto prices are too high you can temporarily hedge your positions or even short crypto.
Early Q2 2021 - Beta launch
bitcashUSD stablecoin
bitcashATM - peer-to-peer fiat onramp into bitcashUSD and crypto w/o KYC
bitcashBank - multi-collateral deposits (EOS, BTC, ETH)
100x Trade with up to 20x leverage with bitcashUSD pairs with EOS, BTC, ETH
Automated hedging using Nexus API and order router
Late Q2 2021 - Token launch
bitcashKey - key manager for virtual accounts
bitcashOrg - DAO and dBoard proposal, discussion and voting system
Q3 2021 - DeFi dashboard
bitcashBank - depositor yield and token distribution dashboard
Crypto Gateway – Peer-to-Peer ATM
After implementing a stablecoin, it will be easy for people to exchange fiat dollars for bitcash one for one in an OTC market. We plan to make it as easy as possible using digital exchange such as Paypal, Venmo, Zelle etc.
Crypto Gateway – Peer-to-Peer ATM
Stablecoins, FOREX + Bitcoin/Altcoin Exchange
Our first stablecoin will be pegged to the US dollar and have off-chain conversions to other national currencies. In the future we’ll create multiple other national currency stablecoins with a focus on countries in Southeast Asia and South America.
Stablecoins, FOREX + Bitcoin/Altcoin Exchange
Our main focus is to provide an extremely liquid EOS/USD exchange, but we plan to eventually add Bitcoin and slowly add other select cryptocurrency coins on our platform.
Our mission is to financially empower one billion people around the world
Our core values
Truth Representation
We believe that truth is what we should all strive for and we expect it from all our partners and believe it will be the key to our success.
Transparency Representation
We want to be an open book and share everything going on with our business.
Freedom Representation
You should have the right to exchange crypto and do business freely with whomever you choose.
Justice Representation
We want everyone to be treated equally and fairly.
Community Representation
We are inclusive and want you to join our efforts to change our financial futures together.
Core Partners
Jun Dam, MBA - Finance Architect & Business Dev
Gabo Esquivel - Software Architect
Max Gravitt - Blockchain Architect & Smart Contract Dev
Laura Castillo - UI/UX & Product Designer
Roberto Romero - Javascript Dev & Project Manager
Artem Maliuga - Smart Contract Architect & Dev
Advisory Partners
Cesar Díaz - Marketing & Content
Technical Partners
John Heeter @ Boid, Smart Contrats & Backend
Delphi Price Oracle Partners
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